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Terms & Conditions

Let it be known that no stock or equipment referred to is held by Rink Equipment Resource (RER) or its administrator unless listed as such which means, all the equipment advertised is owned and held by other persons or companies.

Before an Item placed for sale on the web site it is necessary to sign an Equipment Sales Agent Agreement which will state commission rate and length of commitment.

  • RER reserves the right not to accept or publish any listing for whatever reason. Where a listing is accepted, RER reserves the right to amend or alter that listing. RER reserves the right to withdraw a listing at any time for any reason.
  • Those listings accepted by RER will normally be published on the RER web site and could also be included in printed periodic mailings, magazine and newsletter advertising.
  • While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all listings publication is made in good faith and reliant solely upon information given by Seller or Potential Buyers. Therefore, RER cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omission should they occur. Neither can RER be held responsible for the condition or suitability of the said listed item.
  • No item is to be offered for sale unless the Seller has full ownership rights to the item, there are no claims or monies outstanding on the item, and no third party has any title, right, or claim to the item. The Seller further guarantees that he or she is absolutely free to sell or otherwise dispose of the item being offered for sale.
  • A commission and any additional services will be agreed upon in a Seller Agreement on each and every item sold through RER. The commission shall be payable in US Funds.
  • A Seller will also be charged commission on the sale of all items not advertised on the list but sold to that buyer as a result of an introduction by RER. Commission will also be charged on each and any subsequent transaction between the two parties within a period of twelve months commencing from the date of the initial transaction.
  • RER reserves the right to withhold the name, telephone number or email address of any advertiser to any inquires.

Customer Trust Account Service

Buying at a distance raises the concern about sending money to an unknown person in the hope that they will send you the item you wish to buy.

The Seller’s dilemma is whether or not to send the goods before receiving payment.
Rink Equipment Resource (RER) hopes to ease those problems with our Customer Trust Account.

All items published on the RER website will be sold or purchased through the Customer Trust Account. This is effectively a four-stage process:

1. A price is agreed upon
2. The Buyer pays RER
3. The equipment is shipped to the Buyer
4. The Seller is paid

Payment for all items will be made to RER where it will be deposited into the Customer Trust Account. When the payment has been cleared by the bank, and not before, RER will ask the Seller to ship the item. Within 24 hours upon verification of receipt the seller will be sent payment.


Becker Arena Products, our parent company, has been selling new ice rink equipment since 1988.

In 2005 we started connecting buyers and sellers of used and refurbished ice rink equipment through a dedicated website, RinkEquipmentResource.com

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